About C-Walk

What is the C Walk?

The Clown Walk (also known as the C-Walk) refers to a modern dance style. It is a variation of the popular Crip walk dance. Clown Walking was created to distance the relationship between the dance style and the Crips gang. This was done in many public schools to stop the use of gang paraphenillia, but not ban the dance.

What is the difference between the Clown Walk and the Crip Walk?

Usually confused with one another, the Crip Walk is different from Clown Walking. Since both Clown Walking and Crip Walking both start with the letter "C", they are both referred to as C-Walking. Although this creates some confusion, there are major differences on how they are performed.

Clown Walking, as opposed to Crip Walking, is a form of dance that "evolved" from the Crip Walk. It is usually faster than Crip Walking (although not always the case). It takes the foundational moves of the Crip Walk, such as the shuffle and V's and expanding them to become flashier and more entertaining. This form of dance has no gang relations and is meant to be done for fun, rather than gang rituals. It is basically freestyle footwork, but has had some moves taken from Crip walking. Some of these moves would include the basic V and shuffle, but they've evolved into Clown Walking moves through variations walkers make.

What truly separates Clown Walking from Crip Walking is that while Clowning, you don't flash gang signs and other gang-related gestures or spell anything to represent a gang with your feet. In the end, the Clown Walk is simply a dance that has been adopted into hip hop culture.

Clown Walk moves consist of basic V, Shuffle, Heeltoe, Snake heeltoe, xhop. Dancers who utilize this particular form of dance often customize their own moves to make it unique.

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What C-Walk Looks Like